Managing Finances like a Swiss Watch

Moreshet Wealth Management Company offers you two financial premium services

under one roof.

  • Strategic-Financial Consulting, with payment based only on success
  • Opening and managing companies in Switzerland.

Comprehensive Strategic-Financial Consulting in Israel and across the world

The Moreshet Company's proven experience and the quality of analyzes performed over

the years, enable us to provide you with an innovative wealth management model, the

first of its kind.

According to our model, management fee payment is based solely on actual profits

obtained through investments we manage for you in practice.

We manage bond-based securities portfolios directly to your personal account,

permitting you to open an investment account in leading Swiss banks thus allowing you

to enjoy the payment of a fixed annual bank commission “All in Fee,” with no limit on the

number of operations in the account, saving you hundreds of thousands of shekels a

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Opening and managing companies in Switzerland

Moreshet is a Swiss financial boutique company offering you the range of services you

need, in Hebrew as well, and enabling you to open and manage a company in


The Moreshet Company constitutes a One-stop shop in the field of opening companies

in Switzerland, providing you with a complete service package that includes dealing with

Swiss banks and Swiss tax authorities.

We assist you all the way and help you open a company in Switzerland quickly and

efficiently, while obtaining attractive tax rates and providing you with professional

management of the new company.

For full information concerning the benefits of managing a Swiss company, click here >>